Meet Maximus, Our Mascot

Maximus, our mascot, is also our lead accountant and the director of our beta testing program, the Maximus Club. He joined Funnus Maximus in 2014 after building a successful career as a clinical nutritionist and completing a brief stint on Dancing with the Stars.

Maximus is also a renowned baker and has been known to share his lemon cranberry muffins with the Funnus team at the office. While usually quite generous, he can be fiercely protective of his chocolate stash and has been known to hide Kit-Kats in unsuspecting filing cabinets.

Despite his sweet tooth, he likes to stay active, swinging through Canadian maple trees and leading a weekly pilates class at the YMCA. He also loves playing Minion Rush on his iPad.

When he's not crunching numbers, Maximus stars in Funnus Maximus’ various apps as a tour guide, helper and chummy sidekick. Keep your eyes out for him as you journey through our app collection. You can also get his regular email updates by joining the Maximus Club.

Maximus loves hearing from his fans and responds to every email personally. To say hi, drop him a line at